What’s a cabin tent good for?

You may have seen cabin tents online and at camping stores around the shops and considered, what are they really for.  What’s the difference between normal ones, domes and cabins.

Well allow me to offer my answer and additionally some great sources of additional information. To begin with, they derive the name Cabin, as they provide a more homely experience than traditional tents and especially backpacking style tents.

This is because of their taller, straight walls, as opposed to curved and rounded designs we often see. For this reason the room sizes are generally much wider and squared, giving more room for storage and sleeping beds or mattresses.

Not only this but the head height is much taller also, with a larger head height, this creates a larger ‘feel’ internally and no ducking or crouching will be required when using this tent. You can breeze in and out of the entrances no matter your height. 

Of course the only downside to this is that they make terrible backpacking tents as you can’t get into any smaller areas in thick bush etc. They are also more susceptible to strong winds given the straight, tall sides. Winds will usually pass over a dome shape pretty easily, but not a cabin.

To counter this you can use a vehicle for facing winds, or utilise some areas to block the winds like walls, buildings, trees etc as you may normally be family camping at a campsite with a large cabin tent, so natural features or manmade should be around.

Due to the large room sizes, some tents like the ones in the thetenthub.com article have ‘dividers’ which are removable and can separate up the space. This makes them even better for family camping due to the ability to create privacy rooms. Perfect for dividing up parents and children, or staying with friends. 

Additionally they make great areas of storage, cornering off 1 side of the tent for baggage and enjoying the rest of the floor space for yourself. 

Some of the easiest tents to set up are instant cabin tents that utilise a pre-attached Frame and can set up in literally 2 minutes. Even for the larger ones. 

My favorite feature of all is the awnings and screen rooms that often come with them, fitting to the entrance doors or side doors, providing additional shaded areas. 

Perfect for that camping table and chairs, we often played a game of cards under our old CORE 9’s awning side. The meshed screen rooms are also great for dogs and putting an outdoor dog bed within it, as the meshed keeps it air circulated, but also shaded and protected from mosquitos. 

All in all probably one of the best styles of family camping tents around.