What is a Car Camera?

A car camera is the third eye that keeps watch of the road while you handle the wheel. It’s entirely new and has exciting features for safety purpose.

It is popularly called dashboard cam or dashcam for short. The name gives you a clue about where to place it. You can mount or place the device in front, which is on the dashboard.

However, some drivers prefer to place it at the rear end to record from the side view, especially in countries like Thailand where security can be risky in certain areas, a กล้องติดรถยนต์ is definitely needed.

The third eye, as I prefer to call it is basically developed for active surveillance for drivers’ protection and to record incidents which can be assessed later. The recorded files serve as a source of information just in case an accident has occurred.

It is designed as a small device so that it can be easily mounted or removed. It is placed on the dashboard or rear area to record other happenings which the driver can’t pay attention to while driving.

It has a significant advantage as it can serve as an ultimate truth to securing motorists money for insurance when, in fact, it stands as your witness if you happen to get involved in an accident.

Have you thought of its purpose while you’re away from your car?

Most car cameras come with Parking Mode feature as you can see in the full reviews by Proreview.co. It becomes more than your third eye; it becomes the gatekeeper as well.

A car camera help to keep surveillance of the environment a car is parked and serve as a deterrent against theft or record other damages that may occur while you’re away.

Does it consume the car battery when parked?


This is because a dashcam automatically begins to work when your car is turned on and goes off simultaneously when your vehicle is turned off.

The device is powered by the cigarette lighter cable, or it can be wired directly into the fuse box.

But for Parking Mode, most dash camsares designed to last for some time while covering everything depending on its position without causing the car’s battery to discharge.

In general, car cameras are designed for the primary purpose to make you a better driver and to be conscious of how you drive, knowing your movement is being recorded and would likely be reviewed by security agencies if an accident occurs.

Do you have one? Get a third eye now!