Tips for choosing a thermos

If you say “I decide the temperature of my drink, not the temperature of the environment I am in”, then you need a good thermos. Thermos is a seemingly simple yet advanced technology used to keep the temperature of beverages, and in some cases food, constant. If you want to buy a good thermos, we recommend that you pay attention to the details in the article.

What is your purpose of using the thermos?

Thermoses also vary according to your purchase purpose. Do you need a light thermos to keep your drink cold while exercising, or a large thermos to take you on a picnic and drink tea for the whole family? Thermoses vary not only according to their size, but also according to what they are used for. Some thermos keep the cold better, while others keep the heat better.

Components of the thermos

The first thing to do when examining a thermos is to check the lid and the neck system that allows it to close. Thermoses generally lose heat not from their bodies but from the cover section. A bad thermos is one that does not close well and escapes heat from its cap.

The secret to insulation

In the thermos technology discovered in 1913, insulation is generally provided by vacuum between the outer and inner surfaces. Since there is no material to pass heat between the inner and outer walls, heat loss is prevented or the heating of the cold material is prevented. As a result, when buying a thermos, “What is the insulation material between the inner and outer surface?” Don’t look at it. Best of all, nothing happens.

Compatibility with other materials

The purpose of use varies depending on what purpose you will use your thermos for. If you are going to put it in your backpack and take it camping, you should choose a light but durable accordingly. If you are going to a picnic for tea, you should buy a thermos with a wide base that will not roll around in the trunk of your car. If you are going to attach it to your bike, it should be compatible with the handle assembly. If you have a place in your bag, buying an empty and light thermos that you can fill from the water sources on the way saves lives.

Time to keep heat

Many thermoses can keep the coffee inside hot or cold for a full day. The main factor that determines the quality of the thermos you will buy is generally this protection period.

We should correct a misconception about the thermos. Thermos technology does not prevent the food or liquid in it from spoiling, it preserves its temperature. For example, the hot milk you will give your baby continues to grow bacteria in the thermos as it comes into contact with air and temperature. The protection period mentioned in relation to the thermos is not the food, but the duration of the temperature.