Is Protein Powder Popular In The Netherlands?

Protein powder is a well-known nutritional supplement that is used by many people, and not just fitness enthusiasts. 

Protein is an essential macronutrient that our bodies use for building muscle, repairing various tissues, and creating hormones and enzymes. Protein powder is a nice way of supplementing our bodies with more of macronutrients, speeding up these processes.

Benefits of Using Protein Powder

Essentially, proteins are building blocks of our bodies. They help make bone, skin, and muscles. Our bodies also use it to produce many useful chemicals, such as hormones and enzymes. 

By using protein powder, you can help yourself in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Managing your weight: Protein-rich foods can help us feel full for a longer period. This makes us eat smaller portions and snack less, helping us maintain a healthy body weight and fat mass. As a result, this might also help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk factors for many cardiovascular diseases.
  • Muscle growth: Protein is an essential micronutrient for muscle growth. Shakes with protein powder are commonly consumed among professional athletes and gym enthusiasts as they believe such drinks can help them bulk up. However, the effectiveness of proteins might lower with age, as older people have higher protein requirements for vital functioning.
  • Recovery: Protein can help repair damaged muscles. This is extremely helpful for people who exercise a lot, as it might reduce soreness.
  • Added nutrition: Not all people can manage to consume the recommended daily intake of proteins. This is especially tricky for vegetarians and vegans. Fortunately, protein powder and supplements can help increase protein intake. 

Is Protein Powder Popular in The Netherlands?

Protein powder is very popular in the EU, including the Netherlands. Dutch people call it proteine poeder and use it commonly as a supplement during exercise. No matter if they take whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, or any different type, it is very common and you can find it in many different stores.

If you happen to find yourself in Holland and would like to get some protein powder, you might want to check locations such as Kruidvat or any store that sells supplements. It is also available on many online locations. In fact, protein powder is so popular that you might even find some protein snacks in regular supermarkets!

Just remember not to go overboard, as even healthy and natural supplements might cause stomach issues if consumed in high amounts.