Is Protein Powder Popular In The Netherlands?

Protein powder is a well-known nutritional supplement that is used by many people, and not just fitness enthusiasts. 

Protein is an essential macronutrient that our bodies use for building muscle, repairing various tissues, and creating hormones and enzymes. Protein powder is a nice way of supplementing our bodies with more of macronutrients, speeding up these processes.

Benefits of Using Protein Powder

Essentially, proteins are building blocks of our bodies. They help make bone, skin, and muscles. Our bodies also use it to produce many useful chemicals, such as hormones and enzymes. 

By using protein powder, you can help yourself in many ways. Some of them are:

  • Managing your weight: Protein-rich foods can help us feel full for a longer period. This makes us eat smaller portions and snack less, helping us maintain a healthy body weight and fat mass. As a result, this might also help reduce blood pressure, cholesterol, and risk factors for many cardiovascular diseases.
  • Muscle growth: Protein is an essential micronutrient for muscle growth. Shakes with protein powder are commonly consumed among professional athletes and gym enthusiasts as they believe such drinks can help them bulk up. However, the effectiveness of proteins might lower with age, as older people have higher protein requirements for vital functioning.
  • Recovery: Protein can help repair damaged muscles. This is extremely helpful for people who exercise a lot, as it might reduce soreness.
  • Added nutrition: Not all people can manage to consume the recommended daily intake of proteins. This is especially tricky for vegetarians and vegans. Fortunately, protein powder and supplements can help increase protein intake. 

Is Protein Powder Popular in The Netherlands?

Protein powder is very popular in the EU, including the Netherlands. Dutch people call it proteine poeder and use it commonly as a supplement during exercise. No matter if they take whey protein, casein protein, soy protein, or any different type, it is very common and you can find it in many different stores.

If you happen to find yourself in Holland and would like to get some protein powder, you might want to check locations such as Kruidvat or any store that sells supplements. It is also available on many online locations. In fact, protein powder is so popular that you might even find some protein snacks in regular supermarkets!

Just remember not to go overboard, as even healthy and natural supplements might cause stomach issues if consumed in high amounts.

Tips for choosing a thermos

If you say “I decide the temperature of my drink, not the temperature of the environment I am in”, then you need a good thermos. Thermos is a seemingly simple yet advanced technology used to keep the temperature of beverages, and in some cases food, constant. If you want to buy a good thermos, we recommend that you pay attention to the details in the article.

What is your purpose of using the thermos?

Thermoses also vary according to your purchase purpose. Do you need a light thermos to keep your drink cold while exercising, or a large thermos to take you on a picnic and drink tea for the whole family? Thermoses vary not only according to their size, but also according to what they are used for. Some thermos keep the cold better, while others keep the heat better.

Components of the thermos

The first thing to do when examining a thermos is to check the lid and the neck system that allows it to close. Thermoses generally lose heat not from their bodies but from the cover section. A bad thermos is one that does not close well and escapes heat from its cap.

The secret to insulation

In the thermos technology discovered in 1913, insulation is generally provided by vacuum between the outer and inner surfaces. Since there is no material to pass heat between the inner and outer walls, heat loss is prevented or the heating of the cold material is prevented. As a result, when buying a thermos, “What is the insulation material between the inner and outer surface?” Don’t look at it. Best of all, nothing happens.

Compatibility with other materials

The purpose of use varies depending on what purpose you will use your thermos for. If you are going to put it in your backpack and take it camping, you should choose a light but durable accordingly. If you are going to a picnic for tea, you should buy a thermos with a wide base that will not roll around in the trunk of your car. If you are going to attach it to your bike, it should be compatible with the handle assembly. If you have a place in your bag, buying an empty and light thermos that you can fill from the water sources on the way saves lives.

Time to keep heat

Many thermoses can keep the coffee inside hot or cold for a full day. The main factor that determines the quality of the thermos you will buy is generally this protection period.

We should correct a misconception about the thermos. Thermos technology does not prevent the food or liquid in it from spoiling, it preserves its temperature. For example, the hot milk you will give your baby continues to grow bacteria in the thermos as it comes into contact with air and temperature. The protection period mentioned in relation to the thermos is not the food, but the duration of the temperature.

What is a Car Camera?

A car camera is the third eye that keeps watch of the road while you handle the wheel. It’s entirely new and has exciting features for safety purpose.

It is popularly called dashboard cam or dashcam for short. The name gives you a clue about where to place it. You can mount or place the device in front, which is on the dashboard.

However, some drivers prefer to place it at the rear end to record from the side view, especially in countries like Thailand where security can be risky in certain areas, a กล้องติดรถยนต์ is definitely needed.

The third eye, as I prefer to call it is basically developed for active surveillance for drivers’ protection and to record incidents which can be assessed later. The recorded files serve as a source of information just in case an accident has occurred.

It is designed as a small device so that it can be easily mounted or removed. It is placed on the dashboard or rear area to record other happenings which the driver can’t pay attention to while driving.

It has a significant advantage as it can serve as an ultimate truth to securing motorists money for insurance when, in fact, it stands as your witness if you happen to get involved in an accident.

Have you thought of its purpose while you’re away from your car?

Most car cameras come with Parking Mode feature as you can see in the full reviews by It becomes more than your third eye; it becomes the gatekeeper as well.

A car camera help to keep surveillance of the environment a car is parked and serve as a deterrent against theft or record other damages that may occur while you’re away.

Does it consume the car battery when parked?


This is because a dashcam automatically begins to work when your car is turned on and goes off simultaneously when your vehicle is turned off.

The device is powered by the cigarette lighter cable, or it can be wired directly into the fuse box.

But for Parking Mode, most dash camsares designed to last for some time while covering everything depending on its position without causing the car’s battery to discharge.

In general, car cameras are designed for the primary purpose to make you a better driver and to be conscious of how you drive, knowing your movement is being recorded and would likely be reviewed by security agencies if an accident occurs.

Do you have one? Get a third eye now!

What is a Heated Hummingbird Feeders

One of the essential things in the rainy season, in regards to inviting your best bird (that is the hummingbird), is to prevent their oh so special Nectar from freezing over. 

This task is not so easy for different reasons, mainly the temperature, but also the grains texture and the substance of Nectar might be quite challenging to cease solidification, even in the evenly gentle cold. For Nectar, it will ensure it is turned into liquid and easily obtained, just like it would be in summer months.

The way a Hummingbird Feeder Heater Works is quite refreshing. 

The device made of small sections. It latches onto all the sizes of Hummingbird feeders in line with its mutable grips. Then the bulb within that works on a low wattage will heat the Nectar beyond, enabling them to drink as they would like during summer season. You should always remember the feeder is not added, so if you already have one, you can fit this right on, while hanging from your bird feeder pole. 

How Do Hummingbirds Usually Survive in Winter: When a winter hummingbird is noticed, the optimum concern of most birdwatchers is mainly why such a small bird takes such a risk in an unfriendly environment and also, how on earth can they survive.

There are various reasons why these animals can still stay in environments in this way, where the cold is intense, even if you are not a year-round resident in an area of cold weather. Part of the reasons that can exist is that a hummingbird can be an early or late migrant that seeks a spring foredeal by claiming vicinity to attract a couple of wasting time in their autumn migration, so says

In either of the case, an early or probably late-season storm can get caught in winter areas because hummingbirds don’t have much experience in migration.

Any species of hummingbird that is of age can be the victim of storms or other conditions that move it away from the road, and get in the way of winter.

The survival of hummingbirds can be unsure. However, hummingbirds can with comfortable enter drowsiness on cold nights, enabling them to store energy to sustain lower temperatures when food is not yet available. They would also change their series of food in winter to eat more insects, this because in those times the nectar flowers are not available. 

There are methods that birds can stay warm during winter, comprising hummingbirds in general, wintering hummingbirds in areas with gentle winters that are less risky.

Flowers with a quick and late-flowering pattern, as these natural nectars available that lasts about many months.

The best you can do so that hummingbirds can preserve the temperature of their food: Maximize the use of insecticides and pesticides in their yard, so that there is a ready number of insects that these birds can devour in the winter season.

Ensure to prevent the hummingbird nectar from freezing in cold days and night and keep the feeders full of fresh supply so that the birds can feed comfortably.

What’s a cabin tent good for?

You may have seen cabin tents online and at camping stores around the shops and considered, what are they really for.  What’s the difference between normal ones, domes and cabins.

Well allow me to offer my answer and additionally some great sources of additional information. To begin with, they derive the name Cabin, as they provide a more homely experience than traditional tents and especially backpacking style tents.

This is because of their taller, straight walls, as opposed to curved and rounded designs we often see. For this reason the room sizes are generally much wider and squared, giving more room for storage and sleeping beds or mattresses.

Not only this but the head height is much taller also, with a larger head height, this creates a larger ‘feel’ internally and no ducking or crouching will be required when using this tent. You can breeze in and out of the entrances no matter your height. 

Of course the only downside to this is that they make terrible backpacking tents as you can’t get into any smaller areas in thick bush etc. They are also more susceptible to strong winds given the straight, tall sides. Winds will usually pass over a dome shape pretty easily, but not a cabin.

To counter this you can use a vehicle for facing winds, or utilise some areas to block the winds like walls, buildings, trees etc as you may normally be family camping at a campsite with a large cabin tent, so natural features or manmade should be around.

Due to the large room sizes, some tents like the ones in the article have ‘dividers’ which are removable and can separate up the space. This makes them even better for family camping due to the ability to create privacy rooms. Perfect for dividing up parents and children, or staying with friends. 

Additionally they make great areas of storage, cornering off 1 side of the tent for baggage and enjoying the rest of the floor space for yourself. 

Some of the easiest tents to set up are instant cabin tents that utilise a pre-attached Frame and can set up in literally 2 minutes. Even for the larger ones. 

My favorite feature of all is the awnings and screen rooms that often come with them, fitting to the entrance doors or side doors, providing additional shaded areas. 

Perfect for that camping table and chairs, we often played a game of cards under our old CORE 9’s awning side. The meshed screen rooms are also great for dogs and putting an outdoor dog bed within it, as the meshed keeps it air circulated, but also shaded and protected from mosquitos. 

All in all probably one of the best styles of family camping tents around.

Are You a Side Sleeper?

Dozing Off with Side Sleeper Pillow

If you are having trouble in your sleep, then you should not feel bad, as you are not alone as there are many people who are suffering from sleeping woes also. There are many reasons why a person is having a hard time of falling asleep and one of these has something to do with the pillow he is using.

Yes, your pillow can affect the quality of your night rest and it can also prevent you from sleeping at all. If you are wondering why your room mate is having a good sleep although you have hit the bed at the same time, this is because he is using the right pillow.

Are you still confused? Try searching the best side sleeper pillow in the Internet and you will find out what this article is talking about.

Sleep Soundly with Side Sleeper Pillow

The side sleeper pillow is the latest bedroom’s product that is especially designed to help those individuals who are suffering from sleeping dilemma. If you are one of these people and you do not want to take medications such as sleeping pills, then the side sleeper pillow will be just right for you. The side sleeper pillow has no side effects and can also be used by your loved ones when they too are having difficulty in sleeping at night.

We all know the importance of a good and complete sleep as it helps us to regain our energy that we will need for the following day. If your work requires you to be physically and mentally strong, then it is a must for you to have a good sleep each night. You will really need to have the side sleeper pillow if you do not want to find yourself lacking in energy the next day and prevent you from doing your work properly.

Cool Characteristics of Side Sleeper Pillow

There are many reasons why having the side sleeper pillow is the perfect answer to your night problem. The side sleeper pillow comes in enormous sizes and comfortable materials, which are very essential in making a quality and continuous rest. The side sleeper pillow will perfectly fit the size and shape of your head and avoid any feeling of pain and discomfort in the entire night.

Another great thing about the side sleeper pillow is the added features as some brands of these pillows have the arm rest that will prevent your arms from getting numb that interrupt your sleep.

The side sleeper pillow can ease the pressures that your tired body have and allow you to be relaxed as you lay your head on it. If you often found yourself exhausted after your whole day work and want to hit bed as soon as you take off your shoes, it will be nice if you have this side sleeper pillow, as it will assure you of a long and quality sleep.

Noteworthy Benefits of Side Sleeper Pillow

Besides allowing you to sleep soundly, the side sleeper pillow has other benefits to offer. With regular use of the side sleeper pillow, it will not only guarantee you a good sleep each night but it can also treat some of your body problems.

Yes, the side sleeper pillow can treat body ailments such as arthritis and inflamed joints, which are the leading causes of poor sleep. The side sleeper pillow as it gives you the chance to rest uninterrupted will help in the improvement of your body system particularly in the distribution of blood and oxygen in various parts of your body.

You often hear the advice of your doctor that you need to have at least 6-8 hours of sleep each day in order to become healthy. As you grow older, you have realized that this task is not easy as there are many factors that preventing you from doing it. However, fortunately, the answer to this problem has arrived before things get worst.

Sleep Tight with Side Sleeper Pillow

The side sleeper pillow can eliminate your sleeping dilemmas and assure your preparedness for the next day. This type of pillow is the answer to your long time problem, as it will allow you to have a good and quality rest. With this pillow underneath your head, all of your problems and worries will vanish as soon as you close your eyes.