About Us

Linden Lifestyles is the transparent attempt of two women to justify their Second Life addictions by shopping for the good of all Second Life citizens. We’re on a mission to become the style divas of Second Life, and we’re maxing out our virtual Amexes on the way.

Sabrina Doolittle joined Second Life on 14 November, 2005 and didn’t log out for 27 days. She is a freelance web developer and journalist with a very understanding husband who calls her new life “Second Crack.” She owns Chez Petite, SL’s leading low-prim designer furniture and home decor store.

Salome Strangelove joined Second Life on 21 November, 2005 despite dire warnings that it would ruin her first life. She commonly refers to SL as “paper dolls for grown-ups” and uses it mostly as shopping methadone in order to give her credit cards a rest. She owns Esprit Decor and operates a silly Ode-To-Her-Av website.

Salome and Sabrina have been RL friends for nearly a decade and have collaborated on numerous web projects. Together they own Bon Vivant, a special occasions and events store.


1/ You two look umm, very close.

We are. For $50,000L and one hour, you can find out just how far close extends. Next.

2/ What do you look like in real life?

We look exactly like our avatars of course. We’re 5′11 and perpetually 21. We have perfectly flat abs, Barbie breasts, and legs longer than the Mississippi. Don’t you?

3/ Do the two of you really spend that much SL time shopping?

Yes. More, actually, because we’ve both taken to SL shopping in our sleep.

4/ So do you both just buy everything you see?

No. Despite inventories that might cry otherwise, there is still a great deal of SL merchandise that we don’t own… yet. Sabrina is actually a rather picky bargain hunter who enjoys finding the best deals, while Salome leans more toward the conquistador style of target-and-acquire-at-any-price shopping.

5/ Is this all just a scam to get free clothes?

Of course not! We’re also hoping for free shoes.

6/ What’s the deal with reviews and advertisers?

We keep our advertising and editorial hats on different heads. We do not praise people’s creations just because they advertise with us. Nor do we review a store or items just because their seller runs ads on Linden Lifestyles. Normally we publish a review and then the seller asks to advertise with us because we were excited about one of their products. We prefer it to work that way. It means both parties are doing something right.